Thanksgiving Leadership Check-in by Sherry Wang

To inspire a shared vision, a group of my friends proposed an idea about purchasing decisions in our team. At JLS, students are separated into different teams, or groups of teachers that teach core classes. For example, in eighth grade, the three teams are Team Imagine, Team Einstein, and Team Kaleidoscope. While Team Kaleidoscope and Team Einstein used their funds to purchase t-shirts for the students, Team Imagine is using funds to invite guest speakers. Even though Team Imagine students approve of the idea of using funds for education, many of us would also like t-shirts, as it is our last year at JLS. During lunch, some of my friends who attended the newspaper club at our school decided to ask our math teacher if purchasing team t-shirts can be optional and students can pay for the t-shirts by themselves. Our math teacher told us that if the other team teachers agree at the next meeting, we can make this t-shirt idea a reality. If the t-shirt idea does not go through, we will attempt to petition enough votes to persuade the teachers.