Teen Committee September Meeting Digest

By Emma O’Hara, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee

Hello Innovators!

The September Teen Committee meeting was packed and busy. Not only did we have almost 100% attendance with 16 girls, we had so much to cover in only three hours (who ever thought three hours would not be enough for a meeting?!).


Most of what we covered was the new Teen Committee (TC) structure. The new structure has Cathy, Sonia, Jordana and I as the executive TC members. Before the next TC meeting we will have teams performing functional roles with each of us as team leaders. These teams will allow all of our large TC to participate, connect and be involved in the continuingly active Girls Innovate! organization.

The executive teams are being formed from the TC girls’ role preferences that were specified in the Google Form they filled out. Most of the roles will have multiple girls assigned to them because the responsibilities are simply too much for one person to take on.

The other big topic we covered at the meeting were the events Girls Innovate! has going on right now:

  • Gavel Club is being lead by Anika and Sanjana with Christie Ma from ToastMasters.
  • Life Skills is being initiated by Langley and myself with Catherine Byers of Cornerstone.
  • And we as a TC voted yes on pursuing the Computer History Museum event
    • TC leader is to be determined at this point.

In addition to talking about said events, Uyen and I went into some detail of what the Girls Innovate event planning process is.

The process is steadily changing, but at the same time it is steadily improving. I know most of the TC doesn’t quite grasp what the process is- and that is totally fine. In order to comprehend the process a person must actually go through it, and this year with the plethora of potential events, I’m sure that everyone on the TC will come to understand the process.

The final topic covered in our meeting was the Student Leadership Challenge (SLC). We ran out of time and therefore weren’t able to go into much depth about our Activities 1.1, but that will change. In our future meetings, the Teen Committee will go through the challenge and develop into able leaders, together.

Thank you all for supporting Girls Innovate! This support is what keeps us moving.