Teen Committee Voices

What is the Girls Innovate! Teen Committee?

The Girls Innovate! Teen Committee is a committee made up of girls (ages 12 and up) interested in developing their visionary leadership by making an impact through the Girls Innovate! organization for the community at large.

Teen Committee members:

  • Are girls with high potential for leadership in the organization through their 1) interest in Girls Innovate! mission and programs; 2) participation as volunteers and high-level contributors; and 3) capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Will help organize and lead workshops and events that bring the community together, as well as incubate innovative social impact projects that serve the community at-large.
  • Join via an application and participatory process. We will review your application as well as your perspective on visionary leaders, workshops and events, and your willingness to contribute as a volunteer.
  • Meet once a month at Teen Committee meetings.
  • Are expected to attend at least one workshop/event per month, in addition to the Teen Committee meetings.

Members of the Teen Committee:

  • Provide wisdom and input to Girls Innovate! community.
  • Organize and lead workshops, projects and events.
  • Benefit from insight of committee with the help of mentors for girls.
  • Inspire other young women to become independent innovators with training from mentors and the committee.
  • Meet others your age who are also passionate about making an impact.
  • Gain networks and connections through speakers and committee members.
  • Help make ideas a reality by taking action and initiative through a whole-team effort.
  • Lead innovative social and entrepreneurial impact projects.
  • Learn valuable skills for visionary leadership.
Joining the Teen Committee

We have filled our Teen Committee for this school year. Check back in late spring to learn about opportunities for the coming school year. Thanks for visiting us!

2014-15 Teen Committee Members
Arushi Agarwal, Anika Bagga, Anyka Chan, Grace Chen, Celina Chow, Sapna Desai, Elinor Kry, Samantha Lee, Bridget Li, Ishika Narain, Emma O’Hara, Sonia Salunke, Sanjana Shah, Jordana Siegel, Lydia Sun, Langley Topper, Erica Wang, Mica Wang, Serena Wang, Cathy Zhang

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