Student Leadership Challenge (Winter Break) by Audrey Xie

Did you have opportunities to be around others during this break?

My family hosted two potlucks over the winter break. So I had many opportunities to be around people.

Did you take any of those opportunities to practice your leadership challenge?

During the potluck for New Years I decided to test my leadership ability.

If you did, please describe the circumstances and how it went. If you did not, why do you think it was a missed opportunity, and what would help you to keep your intention in mind as you enter 2016?

During the New Years potluck my parents invited some of their classmates over to eat dinner. I had never met a single one of these people. It was the perfect opportunity to test my ability to lead. Some kids, whom I’ve never met before, were put under my charge. I had to lead them in all sorts of activities to keep them occupied. I think my attempts were pretty successful. Nobody cried or screamed!