Struggling to Move Forward

Cathy Zhang, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee
Technovation (Part 7)

Our Technovation Team has reached a roadblock and is struggling with how to move forward. It turns out that integrating our app with Google Calendar and App Inventor is way harder than we thought. We have worked many weeks trying to figure out the authorization to sign in with a Google Account within our app and actually integrating Google Calendar within each user’s profile. The Google Calendar API has almost worked, but we have found another problem. How are we going to retrieve the information and data from each user every time they sign in?

There is a mere 3 weeks left until the submission deadline. Time is running out, so we have decided to condense our app to the minimum. Originally, we wanted our app to put together all group members’ schedules and make a central calendar for the group to share and find times to meet. Additionally, the app would have group IDs, with which groups could add members, remove members, have listed meeting times, etc. Now, our app will only do a basic procedure by sending an email to all the groupmates. But having made this decision, another issue has arisen: How are we going to automatically send a “mailto:” to the emails inputted?

We have found a video on Youtube demo-ing how to send automatic emails within App Inventor, but we can tell that it will be hard process just by looking at the comments, which often pop up with a question about an Error 601. My teammates and I have looked into this online and have tried it out a little in App Inventor. There is some hope that this may work, but we cannot only depend on this.

Our app is not the ideal we envisioned before undertaking the work, but we will try to enhance our app by making our business plan and story more compelling. We plan to make all the ideas we had in the beginning as future implementations and milestones. Hence, the product we are creating now will be a Version 1.0, and in the future there will be 2.0, 3.0, etc. Version 1.0 will be our base, and in the future we would continuously add on more features and components that we originally wanted now.

Hopefully, our app will work and we will be able to submit our deliverables on time. Wish us luck!

Thanks to Ann Saponara, Writing Mentor.