Innovative Social Impact Projects

Girls Innovate! Teen Committee members are invited to work on an innovative social impact project of their choice and design during their tenure each year.¬†An innovative social impact project is one that, due to one’s leadership,¬†affects members of society for positive social change in a new or improved way.

In defining each member’s project, we take into account her:

  • interests and passions
  • concerns for society
  • desire to see change – personally (for herself)
  • desire to see change – globally (for others)
  • personal attributes: natural gifts and talents; skillsets; personality

We discuss ways to get her message out; create conversation around the needs she observes; identify goals and mentors; and support her to execute on her project.

This process will evolve for each TC member in different ways and at varying times. As each member defines her project, we ask her to write a column about it to share her interests, work and progress.

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