Notes to Pitch Attendees 4/23/14

A Message from Girls Innovate! to pitch participants:
(cc: mentors and volunteers)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for signing up to pitch at our Pitch Event on May 4th!

We’ll be sending emails to you between now and May 4th, so keep an eye out for information that may be helpful for you.

For today, we’d like you to note the following:

1. Amount of time for your pitch. You will have up to 4 minutes (not 1 or 2) for your pitch. This includes any demos. Further, instead of two rounds of pitches, there’ll be just one for everyone. We’ll send a detailed agenda in the next few days.

2. Pitch presentations. We used a website called “Strikingly” at the March 23 Pitch Workshop. For the Live Pitch Event, you can use Strikingly, PowerPoint or any other program you like. A draft is due this Sunday, April 27, at 5pm. Don’t worry if it’s not final or complete – just send whatever you can pull together by that time. We just want to make sure you are on track. The final version is due Saturday, May 3, at 5pm.

3. If you’d like, review the Elements of a Pitch. The judges will use this to help guide their decisions.

4. If you’d like, review Aaref Hilaly’s presentation from the Pitch Workshop.

5. Start practicing your pitches. Try to stay within the 4-minutes. We won’t allow you to go over so work on your timing. Also, if you have more than one person on your team, figure out who will say what, when and how.

6. Enjoy the process! This is a learning experience and it’s for fun, so don’t worry if you can only do so much in the amount of time available to you. Just have fun trying to hack out your wonderful ideas and convincing others of such wonderfulness. To us, the fact that you step up and participate already makes you a winner! We are so proud of what you have achieved up to this point.

Please do not hesitate to email Uyen with any questions. Thanks!

– Girls Innovate!

p.s. Mentors and volunteers: You will hear from us shortly. Thanks for “pitching in”! 😉