My Leadership Practice Over Thanksgiving – Audrey Xie

Over the Thanksgiving break I decided to apply two of my many leadership practices.

I decided on….

  • Repeat this phrase at every celebration: “We are in this together.”


  • Make saying “thank you” a natural part of your everyday behavior.

This Saturday, November 28, 2015, my team was figuring out our team cheer. We wanted something that would be super uplifting and make us excited for run-throughs. I recommended the phrase “We are all in this together”. First off it helped me combine some practices into life outside of the Teen Committee, and secondly it had some appeal because of its use in High School Musical. In the end, my team didn’t choose a cheer. We’re still thinking.

During my family’s Thanksgiving dinner I got to put my “thank you’s” into good use. Whenever food was offered to me I said a “thanks” then politely accepted or declined. You can say a “thank you” for almost every single occasion, therefore I will continue this even after the Thanksgiving break.