Leadership Presence: Why It Matters to Me

When I began my journey as a member of the Girls Innovate Teen Committee, I was especially intrigued about the social impact project. It provided the perfect support system to get my message across: that presence is important for leadership.

My entire life I have watched women and girls lose respect due to the way they presented themselves. My friends are consistently less likely to raise their hand or talk to someone new if they do not feel comfortable or confident. I, myself, have discovered that when I dress for success, and am given specific coaching to utilize for each new situation, it provides a framework that I build upon when I tackle new responsibilities.

When women and girls are provided the tools to take that new step, it leads them on a path of success. My social impact project hopes to provide the women and girls of the Girls Innovate community with the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone and leave a strong, positive, and intelligent impression on others.

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