Leadership Practice Commitments over Winter Break – by Cathy Zhang

Over the holiday break, I visited the panhandle of Florida, as well as New Orleans. My trip lasted 10 days, and it was pretty fun! When I returned from my trip, I took the time to catch up on work, but also take a moment to relax at home.

Fortunately, I was able to be around and connect with others, so I used this opportunity to practice my leadership challenges (“Connect with people on a personal basis” and “Err on the side of telling stories in a timely fashion”). For example, I reached out to one of my old friends from middle school and we set up a study session to meet and prepare for a competition. It was great getting to chat with her, as we go to different high schools now. Furthermore, because I had a lot of fun experiences from my trip, when I came back to school, I really took the opportunity to tell lots of stories to my friends. It was great being able to not only share my winter break experiences (fun fact: I caught 15 fish on a deep-sea fishing boat trip!), but also to listen to my friends and classmates share their experiences.