Language of the Future I

Cathy Zhang, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee
Technovation (Part 5)

“Computing lets people express their creativity and unlock solutions, and code is computing’s universal language. All young people, including girls, deserve to be fluent in the language of the future.“ Lucy Sanders, NCWIT

After participating in Sunday’s fabulous Business Planning Workshop with Rehka Pai, our Technovation team sure was excited to create our own product and business plan. We applied the concepts Rehka taught, borrowing her ideas of market users, market surveys, and methods for revenue and profit. We have new knowledge and confidence.

Lesson 4 of Technovation teaches you to make paper prototypes. Our team has created six pages, so far, of draft screens of our mobile app, and drawing it on paper screens was actually quite easy. But we wanted to challenge ourselves this time, and so we started programming.

A couple of us have learned some programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, but AppInventor2 is fairly new. Our app involves signing into an account, but to this, we need to utilize the TinyWeb DataBase element. What? Yes, this is what we thought when we found out we had to deal with this TinyDB issue. We have to be able to store all the accounts into a storage database; thus, when users want to sign into their account on our app, their account data is there. From there, users will be able to enter in information, which would also be stored into the TinyDB.

Our team researched this a little, and it’s more complicated that we thought. We have to install an AppEngine, and then use Python 2.7.0 to form a database. From there, there is then another chain of functions to perform.

As Lucy Sanders says, computing lets people express their creativity and unlock solutions. Coding is hard, and that’s something we can and will admit. But that’s the fun of coding! Everybody has their own solutions to solving algorithms and fixing bugs–unlocking solutions– and from this, we express our creativity. While programming will be difficult, it will be fun and a learning experience for all!

Thanks to Ann Saponara, Writing Mentor.