Join us at the de Young Museum! (November 21, 2015)

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Founded in 1895 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the de Young Museum has been an integral part of the cultural fabric of the city and a cherished destination for millions of residents and visitors to the region for over 100 years.

On October 15, 2005, the de Young Museum re-opened in a state-of-the-art new facility that integrates art, architecture and the natural landscape in one multi-faceted destination that will inspire audiences from around the world. Designed by the renowned Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron and Fong & Chan Architects in San Francisco, the new de Young provided San Francisco with a landmark art museum to showcase the museum’s priceless collections of American art from the 17th through the 20th centuries, Textile arts, and art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

About the Tour

When you RSVP and attend with the group, you will have free admission to the de Young Museum that day. We are organizing a tour for girls called “Learning from Museums.” This tour is optional (indicate your choice during registration) and is for girls ages 10 and up. If you don’t attend the tour, you are welcome to explore the museum on your own.

Description of the Tour:

Museums offer informal places of learning but do we think about how we learn when we visit museums? Have you ever thought about how you learn from looking at an artwork in a museum setting? Participants will explore diverse aspects of museum learning practices that can deepen our understanding of learning in general.

We will begin with a general discussion on museum learning and then further explore these ideas by focusing on several works of art at the de Young. Participants are encouraged to participate and share personal viewpoints in the discussion of the artworks.

Led by: Julie Yoo

About Julie Yoo

Julie Yoo previously worked as an educator in various museums, including Pacific Asia Museum and the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, where she created educational materials for the public, including children, families and adults, and trained docents to effectively engage with diverse audiences. Julie studied at Wellesley College and the University of Michigan and has taught at the University of Michigan and the University of Paris, France.

Julie also has a passion in for photography which she has turned into a professional endeavor, Amour Blue Photography. Julie specializes in photographing lifestyle portraits of children, families and seniors. Visit her online at[/x_text][/x_column][/x_row][/x_section]