Inspiring A Shared Vision by Sherry Wang

To inspire shared visions, I will talk about how the future could be better and our goals as a group. Based on The Student Leadership Challenge, the first step toward inspiring a shared vision is making a commitment to envision the future and enlist others in my vision. Basically, I need to keep an eye out about things that are not working well, and instead of only considering my own ideas for solutions, I can also listen to what others have to say about how their solutions affect their futures. I can show others how their interests can be realized and communicate the purpose and meaning of reaching our goals. To accomplish these goals, I could send out a monthly update via email about the learning target/goal of the month and how we can reach that goal. By staying optimistic and upbeat about our ideas, I can motivate my peers because being a leader means that my decisions and my attitude affect how others think and act.