Highlights from Cooking Workshop with CuisineStyle

We had a fantastic time at our Creative Cooking Workshop with CuisineStyle on Sunday, November 10, 2013, hosted and sponsored by Pamela Keith (Founder & CEO, CuisineStyle) and Riggs Distributing, Inc. at the beautiful Sub-Zero | Wolf Culinary Events Center in Burlingame, CA.

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Jordana Siegel did a great job introducing both GirlsInnovate! Jordana explained GI! as a “community of mothers and daughters ages 8-18 (although dads are invited as well!)” and explained GI!’s vision as providing “a rich pipeline of female visionary leaders.”

Following Jordana’s article in interviewing Pamela Keith, she was very excited to introduce her before Pamela took the stage. Pamela told stories of coming home from kindergarten and her grandmother having all the ingredients laid out for her big pie and a special place for Pamela to make a small pie, which she cherished so much, she didn’t eat. From then on, Pamela knew she wanted to be part of a culture of cooking that brings family and friends together and allows for much creativity.

When Pamela was thirteen, her mom gave her her first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and she taught herself out to truss a chicken from the illustrations and everything else in the book. When Pamela found herself doing food and beverage work for a hotel that was not inspiring, she went to Paris to “get her soul back” and learn how to cook. For her, the most important thing is “being able to do something different everyday.” Her message to the girls was: “Dream about what you want to do when you grow up. You can change your mind many times but always dream so you’ll do what you love.”

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The girls were divided into four groups and cut cucumbers to look like “jewel boxes” and filled them with gazpacho salad, smoked salmon salad and curried chicken salad. Pamela shared tips of the trade: only buy hothouse cucumbers (that don’t have wax on them and are wrapped in plastic) and only use kosher salt; you can store the cucumber jewel boxes (with the centers scooped out) but put them upside down on paper towels so they don’t get soggy with water.

Nine girls sliced and filled with chef Heather Guiterezz, nine were with chef Alison Reich, nine with chef Julia Reich and eleven with Linda Ross. In describing what they tasted when done, comments from the girls included: “I didn’t know fish and cucumber tasted good but it actually did.” A mom said: “I didn’t know gazpacho could be made without tomatoes! [Pamela used marinated bell peppers].” Another girl said that when she scooped a hole in the cucumbers, “it sprouted water like crazy!”

Pamela and Riggs donated a wonderful gift basket full of treats and kitchen tools which we raffled off; and we helped Pamela sell three delicious kinds of CuisineStyle cookies and take orders for her store-sold and packaged hors d’oeuvres Party Puffs (all of which we got a chance to try – scrumptious!).

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Thank you, Pamela and Riggs for an incredible and memorable event – for both mothers and daughters alike!