Our framework for helping a girl spread her wings and make an impact based on a vision of her own choosing and execution is multi-dimensional:

  • mentoring
  • immersion
  • exposure

Mentoring. When you go to one of our events, what a girl hears and what she does are equally important. We choose our speakers and facilitators very carefully. However, it’s not a matter of finding the most well-known, experienced or knowledgeable. What matters most is that they have a heart to serve this community of girls and moms and a willingness to share their stories, teach what they know, answer questions, and provide feedback. We call this a “mentoring mindset.” From there, we help guide speakers to conduct their workshops or talks in an engaging, meaningful way.

Immersion. In line with the mentoring framework, we emphasize learning from each other as much as possible – via hands-on, collaborative group work; intergenerational dialogue; storytelling; peer-to-peer teaching; question/answer; presentation/critique; role-playing; and live podcast interviews.

Exposure. We focus on visionary leadership that impacts the world in meaningful ways (innovation in all arenas – social/economic, business/non-business, STEM/humanities). Our content gears towards what’s possible and needed for that kind of effective, visionary and impactful leadership. We as organizers are not experts by any means in these fields; what we do is rely on the power of community to harness the talents of individuals who do know the topics at hand and provide an introduction for girls that may help inspire them for the next step in their journey, whatever that may be.

In sum, it is about introduction and exposure – planting the seeds of what can be and giving possible roadmaps for getting there.

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