Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Sherry

What are my intentions for this year 2015-2016 as part of the Teen Committee?

A-Practice 3: Challenge the Process
I will challenge the process by taking initiative in challenging my skills and abilities while helping others stretch their limit by trying out new ideas.
B-Practice 2: Inspire a Shared Vision
To inspire shared visions, I will talk about how the future could be better and our goals as a group. I will also show others how their interests can be realized and communicate the purpose and meaning of reaching our goals. To accomplish these goals, I could send out a monthly update via email about the learning target/goal of the month and how we can reach that goal.
C-Practice 4: Enable Others to Act
In order to enable others to act, I will support other people’s freedom to make their own decisions. Whenever I have a leadership or community service opportunities, I will inform others so they can pitch in.
D-Practice 1: Model the Way
By seeking feedback on the choices I made and talking about the values and principles that helped me make those choices, I can model the way.