Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership By Nafisa Hussain

Recently at a Teen Committee meeting we took the SLPI (Student Leadership Practices Inventory) assessment. This assessment is apart of one of our philosophies of practicing exemplary leadership.  By taking the test, we were able to identify and pinpoint our personal specific strengths and weaknesses.

The five practices of exemplary leadership are: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. My top two areas for improvement are ‘Model the Way’ and ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’, respectively. This year, I will focus on ‘Model the Way.

  • Talks about values and principles
  • Sets personal example
  • Seeks feedback and impact of actions

My three main goals to achieve in the area ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ are:

  • Talks about how future could be better
  • Communicates purpose and meaning
  • Looks ahead and communicates future

I would like to focus mainly on improving how I “Model the Way”. The questions and answers below describe how I plan to do so.

How will I carry out my intentions?

I will carry out my intentions by trying to establish with others who I am familiar with my values and principles I believe in. I will also try to boost confidence in myself and speak out more to help develop myself more so I can be a role model for others.

What are some tools that may help me carry out my intentions?

Interactions with both people I know and people I do not know as well will be key. A large of people who I possess different relationships with (friends, parents, teachers, ect.) specifically will help. In a way this blog could help as well. I could analyze this blog as time goes to by to see what changes in my words, tone,  thought process, or diction.

What are some things that may hold me back from fully carrying out my intentions? How will I deal with them?

I think both society and myself hold me back  from fulfilling my intentions. I feel that I’m scared to bring about a big change about myself because the effects of this change will be “too noticeable”.  Knowing myself personally pretty well, I know that I don’t like to be easily noticeable or attract too much attention and sometimes changes do bring about attention. However I am willing to change just not at a noticeable rate. Sometimes I also feel like that my intentions are a lot of work which decreases my motivation to work on them. To deal with this issue, I need to be more open to change and also remember that my intentions are for the best and I shouldn’t be afraid of the results.

Who will I recruit to help me? How can they can help me?

I think people I know well could help me. When I am with people I know, I could use them to help assess me when I’m with them. Once I start to gather information from what others I know say, I can then start to reapply the advice they give me for specific abilities of mine.