Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership By Anita Narkhede

We have recently been discussing the five practices of exemplary leadership, and by taking SLPI (Student Leadership Practices Inventory) assessments, we have identified our strengths and our weaknesses. The five practices of exemplary leadership are: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. My top two areas for improvement are ‘Model the Way’ and ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’, respectively. My three main goals to achieve in the area ‘Model the Way’ are:

  • Talks about values and principles
  • Sets personal example
  • Makes sure people support common values

My three main goals to achieve in the area ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ are:

  • Describe ideal capabilities
  • Shows others how their interests can be realized
  • Talks about how future could be better

I would like to focus first on improving how I “Model the Way”. How I will do so is answered in the questions below:

How will I carry out my intentions?

I will carry out my intentions by discussing what values I believe in with others as well as what they believe in, as well as behaving in a positive manner as to set an example for others to follow.

What are some tools that may help me carry out my intentions?

Tools that may help me carry out my intentions are this blog, through blog posts, as well as group interactions so I have the ability to talk to people face to face.

What are some things that may hold me back from fully carrying out my intentions? How will I deal with them?

The main thing that may hold me back from fully carrying out my intentions is myself, as right now, I know what I want to change and I want to change, but I may get unmotivated and/or lose track of what I’m trying to work on. To deal with this problem, I just have to make sure to stay focused and always remember why my intentions are important.

Who will I recruit to help me? How can they can help me?

People who listen to me talk in a group setting or read my blog posts can help me by giving feedback on the usage and effectiveness of specific abilities of mine.