Girls Innovate! XQ Initiative

XQ Super School is a national movement to reimagine high school, announced in mid-September 2015 by Laurene Powell Jobs. It calls for Americans to come together and self-assemble teams committed to building the next American high school together. Initial submissions are due November 15, 2015.

Girls Innovate! will pull together a team consisting of community members. Our primary goal is to utilize this as a vehicle for gathering community voices and producing a proposal that reflects our beliefs about learning, shaped and refined through dialogue with others in the community. We will use the XQ application questions as the basis for dialogue.

At this time, our tentative meeting schedule is as follows:

  • every other Wednesday, beginning October 14, from 12-1:30pm (Palo Alto)
  • every other Tuesday, beginning October 13, from 1-3pm (Orinda)
  • every other Friday, beginning October 16, from 10-11:30am (Cupertino)
  • for students – certain Sunday afternoons, to be specified (via Google Hangout)

You can join via Google Hangout if you cannot join in person.

If you are interested in participating, don’t hesitate to contact us.