Enjoy the Little Things

Cathy Zhang, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee
Technovation (Part 3)

“Enjoy the little things…” Robert Brault

With the comfy couches, the nearby students working on projects, and the little children figuring out how to drink with a straw, our second Technovation team meeting began!

When I arrived at Panera near dinnertime, half our team had already sat down, figuring out how to install AppInventor2. However, there was something different. There was a dad and a little girl that were not familiar to me: my team members had brought their family!

The cute little girl was the little 3-year-old sister of one of our team members. The dad was the father of another of our team members, who worked at a tech company as well. The little one brought cheer and laughter into our discussions, tinkering with her cups and bowls and trying to take charge, while the dad brought knowledge and input into our ideas, borrowing some from his own company.

The ambiance of the “Panera community” made it even better. We often took breaks to order food, and the table was just big enough to fit each and everyone of us. My laptop sat at the front of the end of the table, and we reviewed our curriculum, each reading a line from the PowerPoint.

With the great environment, our meeting went smoothly; the little things made a great impact. As we introduced ourselves onto the Technovation forum, we discussed why we were excited about Technovation: we love programming! We finalized our app idea, and brainstormed the way we wanted it to be formatted. We researched company slogans and taglines, and tried to think of our own, but that was quite a challenge; we even had a little fun joking about parodized taglines. Even the moms laughed.

Now that our idea and the basics are done, it’s time for the coding! While this will be complicated and will require a lot of effort, we are ready for it!

I remember our youngest team member saying at the end of the meeting, “Well this was a really great meeting!”

Thanks to Ann Saponara, Writing Mentor.