Crossing the Finish Line

Cathy Zhang, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee
Technovation (Part 9)

It’s hard to think that it has already gone by: the 12 weeks of brainstorming, creating, building, coding, and presenting for our mobile application to submit for the Technovation Challenge 2014. Team CASA has gone a long way, from helplessly trying to figure out how to integrate our app with Google Calendar API, to the beginning, when we tried to just put our team together.

We have submitted our project online already and will receive our results on June 1st. It’s amazing how teams of young girls can create products that can actually be applied into our daily lives. Just a group of 4 girls and a mentor, the much-appreciated Anuta Udyawar, who sheparded all of us girls with little experience, as we discovered together that we can code a real, functioning mobile application, write a complete business plan for it, filmand editpitch and app demo videos for it, and present it. I know that my team’s mentor Anuta was really proud: “Wow, it is great that we all finished this at the end.” Our team had actually lost faith about half way through.

My fellow group members have also learned a lot from this experience. One wants to now try computer science in the future. One is considering founding a Technovation club at her school. And another has learned a lot about coding, something she did not originally know about. I, myself, have also learned so much more about following through with an idea with a business plan and a pitch.

We’d like to thank our mentor, Anuta, for mentoring us for all these 12 weeks and finishing our Google API collaboration. We’d also like to thank many of our parents, who’ve spend hours either figuring out Tiny Web DBs, debugging our code, and arranging times for us to meet. I’d like to thank Ann Saponara, who has given her time to help me edit these blog posts. Thank you to every person who has supported Team CASA throughout this journey.

Kudos to Team CASA! Cathy, Anyka, Sanjana, Ankita

Thanks to Ann Saponara, Writing Mentor.

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