Celina Chow – MLTS Reflections

This blog post is a reflection by Teen Committee member Celina Chow on the Most Likely to Succeed movie screenings that Girls Innovate! hosted in August 2015 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What were your impressions of the event?

I was amazed by how many people showed up at the “Most Likely to Succeed” screenings. It gave me confidence that there is a solid group people who care about changing the way that education institutes operate.

What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting speaker comments?

The most valuable speaker comment that I remember was that a large part of the education experience is family, and more specifically, parents. What happens at school is only a small factor in the growth of a student’s mind.

What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting attendee comments?

The most valuable attendee comment that I heard at my discussion table was that there has to be a balance of project based and structural learning in order for students to excel. Also, another interesting attendee comment was that effective learning comes from proficient self-teaching skills. Sitting through a class all day does not teach a student unless they are open, willing, and desiring to learn. 

How did being a part of this series affect your perspective on learning, education, work, and/or life?

Being a part of this series changed my perspective on education. I had always believed that acing the tests would get me into a brand name college to get me a well a well paying job at a brand name company. However, the truth is that grades are not the most important contributor to a successful life.

What do you think would be valuable for teens to know based on what you learned or experienced through this project?

I think that it is valuable for teens to know that high school is not just a time for memorizing pages of facts and formulas, but it is when you should also explore what your passion is. Taking breaks from stressful work is necessary to get things done.