Cathy Zhang – MLTS Reflections

This blog post is a reflection by Teen Committee member Cathy Zhang on the Most Likely to Succeed movie screenings that Girls Innovate! hosted in August 2015 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What were your impressions of the event?

I helped out at the Redwood City and Los Altos screenings. Overall, the events were a really great opportunity for everyone to get together and talk about education, and I could clearly see this happening during the discussions and with the speakers. The one thing I hope for the future is that more people will stay for the discussions, as they were valuable and meaningful experiences for parents, students, and community members alike.

How did being a part of this series affect your perspective on learning, education, work, and/or life?

Watching the movie and seeing how parents and community members reacted to it has certainly changed my perspective on several things. It was great and eye-opening to see that this many people (parents, students, and community members) want to be part of the effort to improve how students learn. After watching how High Tech High approached teaching and learning, I personally want to continue working on my collaboration, problem solving, and public speaking skills.

What do you think would be valuable for teens to know based on what you learned or experienced through this project?

I think teens need to know that that the whole community genuinely cares that they have a good learning experience. Given this, teens can also take initiative themselves to improve how they learn. It is also valuable for teens to know that the soft skills mentioned in the documentary are the skills that will be vital in the 21st century.