Langley Topper – MLTS Reflections

By Langley Topper, Teen Committee. “Many teens, parents, and community members deeply care about education. However, they are unsure how to voice their questions and concerns in a education system that is bureaucratic and underfunded.”

Lydia Sun – MLTS Reflections

By Lydia Sun, Teen Committee. “There was one woman at Redwood City who had homeschooled all of her children. She seemed very ahead of her time, because it seems to me that many parents are still very much stuck in the good grades/college/job mindset. I was impressed that she was able to recognize her children’s needs and even more impressed that she put so much effort into educating them herself.”

Celina Chow – MLTS Reflections

By Celina Chow, Teen Committee. “Being a part of this series changed my perspective on education. I had always believed that acing the tests would get me into a brand name college to get me a well a well paying job at a brand name company. However, the truth is that grades are not the most important contributor to a successful life.”

Anika Bagga – MLTS Reflections

By Anika Bagga, Teen Committee. “After watching the movie and hearing different people’s perspectives, I think that it’s very important that we take charge of our own education. The movie highlighted several gaps in our education, which in the bigger picture, affects our innovation and economy. It really opened my eyes to the fact that I had to find my own passions and take responsibility to fill those gaps in order to be more prepared for the work-force.”