Business Planning Workshop with Rekha Pai Kamath

Sonia Salunke, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee

From the day I joined Girls Innovate!, I knew it would bring me opportunities unavailable elsewhere. While this brought me apprehension for the future, I also looked ahead with awe at how these opportunities may shape me.

Working with Ishika Narain (my Teen Committee co-Project Leader), Uyen Le Kry (our founder), and Rekha Pai Kamath (our guest speaker) to organize the Business Planning Workshop was a wonderful start to my career as Teen Committee Secretary. Planning the project began several weeks in advance and required many hours spent on phone calls or group video chats. Every team member stretched her limits to make sure her part was completed.

Initially, it seemed like too much to be completed by just the four of us. However, as we split the work up and worked towards the deadlines, the event became more and more of a reality. My main job was to interview Rekha through email. (Check out this interview to learn more about our amazing guest speaker and volunteer!)

Finally, the day of the event approached. There were a few action items left to be completed. Thankfully, all the Teen Committee members pitched in to help tie the loose strands together. While Rekha led the event, Ishika, Uyen, and I worked in the background making sure no problems were present, up until the very last presentation was given. Ishika and I concluded the event by thanking all the volunteers, mentors, participants and sponsors.

Once everyone started packing up for home, Ishika and I snuck into a small conference room with Rekha and conducted our podcast interview with the guest speaker (now a regular and important part of every Teen Committee project).

All the preparation had paid off, and I’m glad to be a part of this organization where I am continuously impacting the lives of many girls.