Arushi Agarwal – MLTS Reflections

This blog post is a reflection by Teen Committee member Arushi Agarwal on the Most Likely to Succeed movie screenings that Girls Innovate! hosted in August 2015 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

1. What were your impressions of the event?

Both the locations I went to had a different feel. The Redwood City one was very entrepreneurial and the discussions were leading up to new ways and opportunities and solutions. The Fremont screening discussion was centered a lot around parents who were confused and just trying to figure out the best for their kids. Overall, it was a great exposure for the community that was already questioning the importance of extensive note-taking and memorization.

2. What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting speaker comments?

Most of the speakers commented on how right now this system is just something you have to do and to set aside time to explore areas of interest that might use the soft skills.To not just focus on academics.

3. What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting attendee comments?

A lot of attendees were very inspired with what they saw, and it was clear that something clicked. All that studying that was eventually forgotten was explained. They liked seeing this new way of teaching and for many of them I feel that it changed their views about what they are going to emphasize to their children.

4. How did being a part of this series affect your perspective on learning, education, work, and/or life?

I was confused by how our school system was organized to help give us skills to survive in the world and knowing about how it was developed in 1870 explained that. I really liked High Tech High’s ideas about combining different subjects and doing hands-on projects with those. I still have to continue to do intensive schoolwork but I will definitely try to focus on learning different types of skills, like leadership and building good relationships.

5. What do you think would be valuable for teens to know based on what you learned or experienced through this project?

Always be confident. Also, don’t put in too much time into academics and feel that they are your future. In this new era, it’s important to just do whatever you think is really cool and go really deep into it.