Adolescents as Drivers of Change

We shouldn’t belittle adolescence. We should be honoring it for what it really is — the defining struggle, the moment when the next generation challenges the status quo and pioneers new ways of thinking and being that ensure our survival.Born To Learn (

By Uyen Le Kry

Girls Innovate! is starting an initiative called Learning About Learning, a Lab. The purpose is to bring together teens who want to understand better what education is all about, how to take charge of their education, and why – to improve learning and unlock the potential of all young people – they themselves need to help lead the charge for educational transformation.

Watch this 5-min video called “Born To Learn,” an animation created by The 21st Century Learning Initiative that provides some food for thought about the opportunity presented by the age of adolescence. If it resonates with your or, if you’ve had thoughts that you have more to give the world than you are presently engaged to do, then stay in touch by joining our Mailing List and we’ll let you know how it shapes out.