Actions Taken Over Thanksgiving – Arushi Agarwal

Below are my two action items (From Envisioning a Future and Enlisting Others) and the steps I took to complete them:

  • Be the one who asks “what’s next?” about every project long before it is completed.
    • At the local library, I have been assisting with formulating a new bilingual program for kids, through storytimes in different languages. With the beginnings in place, I began to ask what else we could do to provide more opportunities for our community to learn different languages. I talked with the librarians I was working with about creating a similar language learning program for adults, through just getting to talk to people in different languages.
  • Be positive, upbeat, and energetic when talking about the future of your organization.
    • While I was talking to the librarian about this program, I was very positive and optimistic about different ways that we could involve all of the community, from children to adults. I think that through my energy the other librarians got excited about this different aspect too.