Acting on My Intentions During Winter Break by Arushi Agarwal

The part of the Student Leadership Challenge I am working on this year is Inspiring a Shared Vision, in particular Envisioning the Future and Enlisting Others. This break, I looked for clubs to join at my school, especially ones that have mock trials, a new-found interest of mine. I found none. I realized I thought the experience of holding mock trials at my school would be so interesting, I was willing to start a club for it. I envisioned talking to my Criminal and Civil Law teacher about having her as an adviser. “What’s next?” I asked myself. Finding samples of mock trials would certainly be helpful and maybe in the future so would a mock trial championship. Wanting to involve others, I asked a couple of my friends interested in law if they would want to help out. They had all enjoyed Criminal and Civil Law and I built upon that saying that participating in more mock trials would serve to further enhance their experience in the class. In this way, I was able to interact with my community (for now, my friends) to envision something new at my school and enlist the help of others. In the future, I hope to work with my peers to make this vision a reality.