Vision Statement

Our vision is that one day we’ll have a more compassionate, wise and effective world, made possible because we’ve been able to successfully apply and integrate innovative approaches towards (a) learning and creating, (b) mentoring for girls, (c) engagement of mothers, (d) community mobilization and (e) societal impact.

Mission Statement

We seek to:

  1. Learn about, understand, and apply in a community setting, open and freely available to the public, and develop a model for reiteration and scalability of same, best practices for educating young minds that empower them for the world in which they live;
  2. Produce learning events that apply innovative education ideas through mobilization of girls, mothers, families and community members who desire to be part of and/or contribute to this effort;
  3. Provide a mentoring program for girls who seek an outlet for their creativity and social empathy and a place to hone their leadership potential;
  4. Engage mothers as role models through programs and experiences that support mothers’ parallel learning with their daughters and strengthen the mother-daughter relationship; and
  5. Foster an interdependent community that supports risk-taking, collaboration, creativity and innovation in pursuit of the above.

Our events are free and open to the public, though advanced registration is required. Click here to view a list of our past events on Eventbrite.

Non-Profit Status

Girls Innovate! is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in May 2013. Our tax ID number is 46-2916369.


Founding Members: Arushi Agarwal, Anika Bagga, Celina Chow, Bina Desai, Sapna Desai, Kim Freitas, Elinor Kry, Uyen Le Kry, Kimberly Eng Lee, Bridget Li, Emma O’Hara, Farida Rahman, Sonia Salunke, Sanjana Shah, Jordana Siegel, Lydia Sun, Langley Topper, Erica Wang, Mica Wang, Serena Wang, Julie Yoo, Cathy Zhang

2015-16 Teen Committee: Arushi Agarwal, Anika Bagga, Celina Chow,  Nafisa Hussain, Anita Narkhede, Emma O’Hara, Jordana Siegel, Lydia Sun, Langley Topper, Sherry Wang, Audrey Xie, Cathy Zhang

2015-16 TC Advisory Team: Mukul Agarwal, Lisa Feng, Kim Freitas, Bin He, Anand Jain, Deepali Jain, Uyen Le Kry, Kimberly Eng Lee, Farida Rahman, Ann Saponara, Julie Yoo

Blog Editor: Ann Saponara

PhotographyJulie Yoo


Past Speakers

Vicki Abeles, Author & Film Director, Beyond Measure
Huma Abidi, Intel
Linda Alepin, Professor, Santa Clara School of Business
Carole Bellis, Kilpatrick Townsend
Nina Bhatti, Startup Founder
Angie Chang, Hackbright Academy
Christy Remey Chin, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Esther Cho, Khan Academy
Soyeun Choi, Attorney
Dilip Dand, Technology Consultant
Mia Dand, Consultant
Heather Emerson, IDEO
David Epstein, Technology Consultant
Judy Estrin, JLabs
Francine Gordon, F Gordon Group
Aaref Hilaly, Sequoia Capital
AnnaLise Hoopes, Technovation Challenge
Rekha Pai Kamath, Juniper Networks
Pamela Keith, CuisineStyle
Cary Kelly, Education Elements
Sal Khan, Khan Academy
Sue Kwon, Digital Media Consultant
Carol Langlois, Writer/Entrepreneur/Higher Ed Consultant
Sylvie Leotin, Tech Atelier
Nancy Lin, Consultant
Andrea Lo, Piggybackr
Richard Lo, PreHack
Julie Lutz, Tegu
Christie Ma, Educator/Entrepreneur
Sally Madsen, IDEO
Vidya Mandyam, Tynker
Macy McGinness, Dodocase
Maggie McCloud, Google in Education
Christine Moon, Dropbox
Lisa Nalbone, lisanalbone.com
Amir Nathoo, Outschool
Charles Naut
Uyen Nguyen, Kilpatrick Townsend
Sara Oremland, Teacher/Librarian, Albany High School
Pam Owens, Clorox
Dhana Pawar, Coupons.com
Liz Rogers, Anacrusis Songs
Sarah Rogers, Kaz’O’zah Art, African Impact
Heidi Roizen, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Sudnya Shroff, Artist/Writer
Erika Geihe Stanzl, Innov8r Therapeutics
Dale Stephens, Uncollege.org
Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad
Julie Won, Hanson & Doremus
Vivian Wong, Ellie Mae
Ricky Yean
Laura Yecies, Consultant
Julie Yoo, Julie Yoo Photography
Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, Energizing Enterprises



Bina Desai & Family
Kim Freitas & Family
Farida Rahman & Family
Bin He & Family
Fariha Hilaly & Family
Lan Yun & Family


F. Roman Cabrasawan (Startup Series Mentor)
Sandra Chin (Startup Series Mentor)
Esther Cho (Impact Project Mentor)
Megan Dean Farah (Mentor)
Kunjan Desai (Startup Series Mentor)
Kimberly Eng Lee (Startup Series Mentor)
Julia Lovin (Startup Series Mentor)
Sangeetha Prithviraj (Hack Day Mentor)
Vidya Raman (Pitch Mentor)
Sashi Ramani (Startup Series Mentor)
Ann Saponara (Writing Mentor) (www.annsaponara.com)
Sameena Tabassum (Hack Day Mentor)
Roy Terry (Pitch Mentor) (www.theprimalpitch.com)
Julie Won (Mentor)
Julie Yoo (Photography) (www.julieyoophotography.com)

Past Volunteers

Amis Maldonado
Carolyn Lott
Catherine Corre
Jacqueline Collins Hullar
Johanna Wise
Lisa Barkin
Nhu Anh Can
Nirmala Patni
Pam Owens
Ruby Seidl


Bay Area College of Nursing, Palo Alto, CA
Cornerstone Research, Menlo Park, CA
Hanson & Doremus, Palo Alto, CA
Kilpatrick Townsend, Menlo Park, CA
Riggs Distributing, Burlingame, CA
nestGSV, Redwood City, CA


Angel Heart Cakes
Dhana Pawar
Dia Delights
Julie Yoo Photography
Kilpatrick Townsend
Mayfield Bakery
Michelle Boal
Sudnya Shroff


Certificate of Honor from Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom