About (Uyen)

“There is so much to know that we don’t know, and it seems like such a lucky accident when we discover what was hiding within us all the time.”Michael Craig Miller, Harvard Health Blog, August 1, 2010

My name is Uyen Kry.

For the past four years, Girls Innovate! has been my personal passion project. I was interested in mobilizing resources that could support women who are mothers to travel greater distances towards leadership and innovation in society and help girls develop the capacity for same. I mentored a group of teen girls who helped organize Girls Innovate! events and workshops – all free and open to the public.

As I worked on this project, I started grasping that the problem consisted not only of external constraints but internal ones – the thoughts and beliefs that reside in our subconscious minds.

It is early January 2017, and my journey has taken me to a place where I am seeking for greater understanding of:

  • human consciousness and awareness of how our minds work, particularly at the subconscious level;
  • how to access the parts of our brain that can handle and process complexity, uncertainty and discomfort; and
  • how to help kids develop self-awareness, reflective thought, curiosity, creative courage and compassion.

Young Rebel Talent is a space I am developing – a studio of sorts – where adolescents can be exposed to experiences that help them develop the capacity for more creative output – not technical skills per se but creative imagining and risk-taking that come from within.

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