Our First Teen Brunch

This past Sunday, the Teen Committee held the first of our monthly Teen Brunch series. The purpose of the Teen Brunch series is to create a space for girls (12+) to come together who would like to be more involved in the Girls Innovate! community. After a brief Teen Committee meeting, the girls enjoy brunch and a fireside chat with a special guest who is an inspiring female entrepreneur/ innovator.

Our goals are to:

  • Build a supportive community for teen girls to take leadership and be inspired for social impact and innovation.
  • Provide girls the opportunity to be project leaders: organize and plan brunches, curate talks, meet inspiring professionals and practice communicating effectively.
  • Create a space for girls to meet each other and be introduced to female professionals who have taken brave and inspiring journeys.

Before the majority of the girls arrived, the current members of the Teen Committee and Girls Innovate! founder Uyen Le Kry sat down to plan out and finalize the application. After sketching out plans for future events, a few of us girls stood in front of potential applicants and explained what the Teen Committee was and how to apply. Shortly thereafter we were joined by local visionary leader Erika Geihe Stanzl, a remarkable young woman founding her very own company in the field of cancer treatment. The Q&A session followed suit as the girls sat in a circle of chairs and couches. Erika had nothing but wonderful advice for everyone, varying from how to succeed in high school and college to what it’s like to be a young woman in a field primarily dominated by older white men. After the main portion of the day had finished, teen committee member Jordana Siegel interviewed Erika privately. We look forward to our November brunch!