Leadership Update – Audrey Xie

The year has been good for me and my leadership skills. The leadership skills I chose to work on this year were Encourage Others, Praise People, and Creatively Celebrate Other’s Achievements. The first thing I made myself figure out was why these three skills were┬áimportant. After a multitude of experiences I came to the conclusion that praising others for their work makes them feel appreciated, which leads to a happy and hardworking group-mate. After figuring out this basic thought I challenged myself to open my eyes and notice other people’s effort and to praise them accordingly. Soon enough all three skills became almost a habit. However, I then realized that meaningless praises are even worse than no praise. My thinking now is that encouragement and praise should be given in moderation in order to preserve meaning.

This shows how much I’ve improved. I have gotten to a point where a praised people too much and had to backtrack!