Leadership Blog Overview – Arushi

Hi, my name is Arushi and my intention for this year was to develop my leadership skills, especially how I inspire a shared vision. The two steps that I wanted to take were to envision the future and to enlist others. I felt that of these two, I started out strong in envisioning the future. In every conversation I tried to think of new ways we could add to the world. For example, thinking about using games to teach children in villages. Or to first start by teaching them things that would be most relevant to their lives. Enlisting others was a little more difficult. At first, I felt uncomfortable starting a conversation about a specific vision of mine or even sharing my thoughts with others. I started out by just sharing my thoughts with one person. After a couple of minutes, the conversation petered out and we moved on to a different subject. I continued to talk to different people and through sharing my ideas I got to know more about them. With some people, our ideas clicked and everything escalated to how the world would look in 10 years and some people were confused.

In the future when I try to enlist others for a vision that I have thought about, I will not try to enlist anyone. It’s important to talk with certain people that you believe will be the most passionate about a certain topic.