Winter Break Leadership Check-in by Sherry Wang

During the school year, I frequently went to the YMCA to practice basketball. However, after basketball season started in school, I only went to the YMCA on weekends. After my team lost many games, I noticed that we needed extra practice time. To inspire a shared vision, I suggested that our team should find time over winter break to practice together. Many members of my team agreed that practicing together over winter break would improve our skill level and help our team bond.
As a result, our team created a group chat to discuss the winter break practice. I looked on the YMCA website to find out when there was open gym, and scheduled a time when my teammates could come. After we practiced for a few hours, it was clear that our team developed a higher skill level, and we were closer together, not just as teammates, but as friends. The experience of spending time together outside of school not because we had too, but because we wanted too, really helped us bond as a team. In conclusion, I was around many of my teammates for most of winter break and I took the opportunity to inspire a shared vision that connected our team and showed us that we are better together.