Taking Action on my Two Commitments – by Cathy Zhang

I took the time during Thanksgiving break to reflect on my Practice (Encourage the Heart) and take action on my two commitments. Below are my two action items and the steps I took to complete them:

1. Connect with people on a personal basis. Stop by and visit them where they are.

Connecting with people on a personal basis is something I feel like I have been doing for a while now. One of the clubs I am very involved with, FBLA, emphasizes networking and connections. At conferences and socials, I meet so many intelligent and friendly peers. I always hope to stay in touch with them, so I record their phone number or add them on Facebook. Lately, I’ve really made an effort to connect with them again by chatting with them, whether our conversation be about FBLA or something else. In fact, lots of these connections have been very mutually helpful and beneficial. This has really shown me how important it is to have a network and connect with others on a personal and frequent basis!

2. Err on the side of telling stories in a timely fashion rather than saving them up for some special occasion.

My own family hosted a Thanksgiving party on Friday, for which we invited a few of my dad’s colleague’s families over as part of a yearly tradition. Although this was a special occasion, I felt that I effectively utilized this opportunity to tell stories and connect with my guests. During our meal, I shared about my experiences with clubs at school and some fun tidbits about my Black Friday experience the night before! I listened to a friend talk about her experience working at an auditing company, as well as another friend tell us about her college experience in the Midwest. I enjoyed both sharing my stories and listening to others’ stories, and I hope that I can work on telling stories in a timely fashion.