Langley Topper – MLTS Reflections

This blog post is a reflection by Teen Committee member Langley Topper on the Most Likely to Succeed movie screenings that Girls Innovate! hosted in August 2015 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What were your impressions of the event?
It was exciting to see the ideas that the documentary sparked among attendees. Many teens, parents, and community members deeply care about education. However, they are unsure how to voice their questions and concerns in a education system that is bureaucratic and underfunded.

What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting speaker comments? 
Ricky Yean, Charles Naut, and Richard Lo, three young tech entrepreneurs from the Redwood City screening, left the audience with these three pieces of advice:

  1. Never stop asking “Why?”
  2. Find something you are passionate about and follow it.
  3. Figure out what learning style works best for you.

Amir Nathoo ( commented that schools need to be teaching students how to think and handle complex and ambiguous problems because many of the jobs and challenges the future workforce will face don’t yet exist.

How did being a part of this series affect your perspective on learning, education, work, and/or life?
This video gave me insight into the potential of alternative education models. I enjoyed being a part of community discussions of people who felt, like I do, that our public education system can be altered to better suit the needs of students.

What do you think would be valuable for teens to know based on what you learned or experienced through this project?
I think it is valuable for teens to take the time to reflect on the quality of their education and how as individuals they can take action to add to their learning. It is important that teens are engaged and invested in their own education.