Emma O’Hara – MLTS Reflections

This blog post is a reflection by Teen Committee member Emma O’Hara on the Most Likely to Succeed movie screenings that Girls Innovate! hosted in August 2015 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

1. What were your impressions of the event?

I was blown away by the engagement and sincerity of the attendees. Education is something that affects everyone in our communities, and everyone in attendance was candid and eager to gain new perspectives.

2. What did you feel were the most valuable or interesting speaker comments?

I specifically liked the comments that Cary and Amir added to the panel at the Redwood City Screening because they assured the room that some schools are adopting more project based, technological approaches, and that we can do two things to help the situation. First, be that persistent voice and leader in your community to bring forth the change that the movie beautifully stated needed to occur. And secondly, trust that if your student is feeling engaged and is able to pursue what makes them tick (even if it is outside of school), then they will not be detrimentally disadvantaged in the future.

3. How did being a part of this series affect your perspective on learning, education, work, and/or life?

I’m not going to lie, from my public school experience “change” is something that has been looking down my shoulder since kindergarten; it was always there, but behind me. It was something that I didn’t think affected me. However, at these screenings I have been inspired to look at my experience and finally evaluate its applicability to my life and future. That’s why I think it was amazing that we were able to get so many young adults onto panels to share their experiences, because it gave me a better idea about what I would be like in 7 years. The one thing that I take away from this series is that the “change” that has been forming in this area around education is for the better and that it is happening.

4. What do you think would be valuable for teens to know based on what you learned or experienced through this project?

Going through this event I learned that I should be a open minded to change as a student and not be afraid to do what I truly want to do because the world needs flexible and passionate learners.