Looking Your Best for the May 4th Pitch Event

Jordana Siegel, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee

As the alarm obnoxiously rings in your ear, you slam the snooze button and slowly roll out of bed to begin the day. But today is not an ordinary day. It is the culmination of the series of business workshops you have been attending, it is the day that you are going to present your highly refined idea to a venture capitalist for a prize! It is the day that will determine your destiny. Well… maybe not that extreme, but the day of the Live Pitch event is a very important one!

To be sure you are standing at the front of the room confidently and being taken seriously, the way you dress is key. On May 4, each and every girl presenting is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, and your clothing should reflect that. As a fellow girl planning on pitching my own idea, I have a few recommendations to help all of you out. First of all, jeans and flip-flops should not be worn to the event. Professional dresses and skirts are highly commendable as well as slacks and khakis. Throwing a blazer on over the look or a cute sweater will help create an atmosphere of sophistication and competency. Pairing your outfit with thoughtful accessories like a cute belt or fun necklace or earrings are a great way to remind the audience that you are a teenage girl who should be taken seriously. The best clothes for you to wear the day of are ones that you are comfortable in yet make you feel confident. Stand proud and tall as you pitch your idea, all while knowing that you look fabulous!

As a member of the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board, here are some stylish finds I’ve discovered that perhaps you may like, too.


A casual, fun dress paired with a blazer and heels to create a sophisticated, professional atmosphere (photo courtesy of blogspot.com)


A conservative, dressy skirt with a professional yet casual collared shirt (photo courtesy of classycareergirl.com)

These 13 outfits show multiple different ways you can dress up professionally but with a fun flare for the May 4th event either with or without owning a blazer.