Excited to Move Forward

Cathy Zhang, Girls Innovate! Teen Committee
Technovation (Part 8)

The Technovation deadline is in 2.5 weeks, and our Technovation meeting this week started off slow with not much happening. Our mentor, a dad, and our team, all sat in a corner still trying to figure out how to connect Google Calendar API with our App Inventor app. We tried to stay positive and had to continue working on what we were trying to accomplish from the beginning.

While some of us worked with our mentor to try to complete the app, most of us began working on our pitch and app demo videos. This was quite successful; we competed a script we’ll be using for video pitching our app to the Technovation judges. Using the completed script we practiced speaking aloud our lines a few times to fulfill the time minimum and went over dress requirements and presentation tips.

The girls working on the video looked hopefully back to the group working on the app. Our app was half way there! Some progress was better than no progress.

The meeting was almost over, and it was already quite late in the evening. As we began to finish up the script materials, we looked over at the App Inventor screen working up its magic. We had fixed the error popping up each time by creating a variable to fill in a bug and added a label that listed a result to easily transmit a connection. As we tried it out on the Emulator, we came to know that our Google API connection had been integrated! Our app worked! The integration had finally been successful, allowing us to sign in to our Google Account, view our Google Calendar events, add events into our Google Calendar, and send an email directly from the app.

You could see the happiness in our eyes. We are now confident and excited to move forward with our submissions. Next meeting, we will be filming our pitch videos, and that sounds quite exciting as well. One of our members is just coming back from a foreign trip, and we can’t wait to tell her the great news.

Thanks to Ann Saponara, Writing Mentor.