Connect to be Inspired: Sal Khan Q&A

As co-host of our Rapid-Fire Q&A with Sal Khan on September 24, 2013, I thought it was successful!


Running right before the Commonwealth Club’s super-full event in the Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Cabana in Palo Alto, the Q&A was an efficient way to ask the founder of Khan Academy many personal questions in a short period of time. Julia’s opening presentation and the 13 girls asking questions made it much more personable.

salkhan (1)

I also enjoyed that the room was small, which gave a more intimate feel.

Sal Khan was a fantastic guest for Girls Innovate! to host. His online courses allow motivated students to advance their education, which is an offering/benefit of Girls Innovate!

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Girls Innovate! is a program that gives motivated and passionate girls opportunities to meet inspiring people and learn about new fields. Listening during the Q&A helped me to enjoy the Commonwealth Club presentation that followed the Q&A even more:  I felt that I had a connection to Sal, as well as a better understanding of Khan Academy.

I wish that more girls had been able to attend the event and benefit from this Q&A. Fortunately, our Teen Committee co-chair, Veronica Louise Mendoza, helped capture the essence of the event with her wonderful video podcast. You can also watch the video footage of all of the girls’ questions – and Sal’s answers – here.

Very special thanks to Sal for your tremendous effort to make this unique opportunity possible for all of us!

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