Learning About Money

By Elinor Kry, age 9

On June 1st my mom had a Girls Innovate! event. I sold T-shirts. It was fun because it was cool seeing the T-shirts disappear and be traded for a rectangle piece of paper which was worth a lot. To me, it just didn’t make sense to buy things with some piece of paper (though it is cool that you can stuff the money in your pocket.) I think coins are a lot better, since they look like silver. After my mom’s event, I started selling pens and mechanical pencils for coins. If you wanted a pen for a dollar, you would still have to pay with coins. I would take the coins and trade them in for RECTANGLE PIECES OF PAPER with my dad. I think that at my mom’s next Girls Innovate! event, we should do a workshop where we think of ways to have something that can represent money. It can be small but interesting – just for fun.

p.s. I went to Julie Won’s workshop and learned about money.

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