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Congratulations on the second successful Girls Innovate Conference!  Red balloons lead the way to an amazing day of learning. I arrived early and offered to help the registration desk, so I was lucky enough to meet most of the girls on their way in. The girls were excited to get started, and I was impressed with how confident they were!

One of the most impressive speeches of the day was a power point presentation by the founding daughter of tech incubator NestGSV & NestHER, conference sponsor and host. She opened with an inspiring call to action for girls and welcomed men and boys to support them!

During the introduction and keynote, the girls sat together in the front of the room, where they could see Judy Estrin: CEO of JLabs, LLC, Chairman of EvntLive, Inc., and “Mickey’s boss”, member of the Board of Directors for the Walt Disney Company and Packet Designs, Inc. Judy spoke of self-determined success, how fear works against innovation, and not judging because judging shuts down innovation. She suggested that we ask “why, instead of why not.” She spoke of the “Balance for thriving innovation: Questioning, Risk, Openness, Patience, and Trust”, and suggested “identifying a need and thinking about a new way to solve it.” This was an inspiring speech, and these few notes were only a part of her message.

The rest of the day was filled with equally inspiring messages as the girls worked in small group workshops and the parents attended panel discussions. Each session was run by leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about empowering girls and volunteered to share their knowledge and experience. While I was unable to stay for the conference closing, everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves! Girls Innovate! is a wonderful space for girls to be exposed to female innovation and leadership!

I’ve worked in education and in business for years and am now speaking to create shifts which will help transform the way that we work and to close the leadership achievement gap for women. I’ve noticed the internal messages that often hold us back are messages that start playing at a very young age. Programs like Girls Innovate! are critical to helping girls create the shifts needed for future leadership.

Thank you for an amazing program! I look forward to working with you at a future event!

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